Laptops and other Recent Donations

The RDI PowerLite was a SunSparc 5-compatible laptop. In the mid 1990’s there were few Sun OS laptops available compared with MS DOS and Macintosh models. I guess the cost of the MicroSparcII processor made these too expensive for popular adoption. Also, UNIX-based computing was yet as popular as it is today (Unbuntu, RedHat, etc.) so there was less of a market for this kind of laptop

Around 1991 AST sold the Premium Exec 386SX/20 laptop that ran MS Windows 3.1. AST was a leader in Windows laptops because they made their machines upgradable. A person could swap out RAM and the CPU to upgrade the machine.

Michael Kelly posing with a DEC VT-320 terminal and a number of other items, including the two laptops above, donated to Kennett Classic for the “post vintage” exhibit of early WWW Internet computers, servers and workstations from around 1987-1995. Thanks Mike!

We have received a lot of interesting computer donations recently, and we’re very grateful to the local community that continues to support the cause of historical computer preservation.