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The Kennett Classic is a brick and mortar computer museum, research library and gift shop located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania USA. We are a full 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Together with, Kennett Classic brings to fruition our mission of preserving computing history through restoration, archiving and education.

We also have many events throughout the year that appeal to the hobbyist and anyone interested in the history of computing technology.

Check our web site calendar for the schedule!

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View from the front door.
Our “gift shop”
Bill working on an Altair 8800 brought into the shop for testing.
A closeup of a library row containing periodicals and a UNIX manuals
A few early 16-bit computers
MyChess 2.3 gameplay on an Osborne 1 portable computer with external monitor and 80-column display upgrade
Our User Group Exhibit featuring the Sinclair TS 1000 / ZX81
IMSAI 8080 on the workbench
The 1985 Atari 520 ST