2nd-Annual Kennett Classic

Last update: 9/20/2021

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Classic Computing Workshop Hack-a-thon

Dan Roganti doing what he did best.
Dan Roganti working on his IMSAI 8080

Have an Apple II that needs TLC? Want to learn more about your IBM PC but don’t know where to start? Do you want to learn how to repair a circuit board? Do you enjoy collaborating with fellow hobbyists and to see what they’re up to? If a day of vintage computer hacking sounds like fun, register to claim a workspace for your vintage computing project. Electric power will be supplied but you will be required to bring your own tools. After registration additional details and directions will be provided.

All Access + Workshop Space + Chiptunes Show
8AM – 11PM
Ticket: $20

All Access + Chiptunes Show
8AM – 11PM
Ticket: $15

Exhibitors Show Their Stuff

Exhibitors wanted! Think of this as a “classic car show” for historical computers. This is your chance to show off your favorite restoration project or your prized retro computer to the public. We have had many visitors to Kennett Classic this year who expressed interest in attending this event and are eager to experience how antique computers once operated. The exhibits will be open to the public from 12-5pm. During this time exhibitors will be required to be physically present at their booths in order to answer questions and to assist persons to use the computers on exhibit. The rest of the time you can freely participate in the other activities including the chiptunes performances. (Workspace reservation is not included with the free ticket). As a general rule, exhibits should consist of operational computing hardware older than 1995, but new add-on dongle hardware is allowed. Exhibitors will be given a table (or two) and electric power. If you exhibit you get a free pass to the event.

(Load-in and set up Friday night by request, and/or Saturday morning)

Dan Roganti doing what he did best.

Run a Classic Computing Exhibit Booth
Open to Public 12PM-5PM
$FREE All-Day Pass + Chiptunes show
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Most tables are 6-ft.x2.5-ft. (72×30) but some are 5′ diameter circles. The best exhibits include posters or signs, software, manuals, and things that would have gone with the computer as a system being demonstrated such as a printer and matching display.

Vendor Tables Available

The Garage Community Center

A limited number of vendor spaces will be available. These tables will located separately from the exhibitors’ booths. Please limit your items to those manufactured before 1995 or so. We will be advertising the show to the local community as well as social media and groups/lists in the hobby.

Vendor / Swap Particpants
8AM – 5PM
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An Evening of Chiptunes and Computer Music

This year for Kennett Classic’s evening entertainment we have three talented chiptune / waverform synthesizer music performers/bands. For those new to chiptunes, imagine your favorite arcade or home video game system’s music performed live to an audience. How is this possible? These hackers generate their music live and dynamically by bending waveforms with their custom instruments and devices wired to synthesizer chips (like the Commodore SID), and various types of sequencers. If you’re a veteran of the chiptune scene you will doubtless already know at least one of these three bands who will be performing, and if you’re new to the chiptune scene you’ll become their newest fans.

Chiptunes Show Performances-Only Ticket
Ticket: $10
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Use the links below to download samples.

BandCamp Links:

COVID-19 – While in indoor areas of close contact, masks will be required to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.