Kennett Classic 4

UPDATE: EVENT MOVED INDOORS DUE TO WEATHER. Kennett Classic will be open regular hours.

Kennett Classic #4 September 23 2023

DEC Mate and DEC Robin

DEC Robin (left) and DECMate (right)

4 Year Anniversary Day September 23rd
Stop by the museum on September 23rd to help recognize our 4th anniversary. In addition to 5 rooms of exhibits we will have free swag for all persons who mention our anniversary, food, and a name your donation/price surplus sale of vintage computing items. Available systems include Commodore, Tandy, Apple, Heath Kit, misc parts and so on.
Directions / Contact

TIME: 930-5:00+

We will have a tent set up in the parking lot behind the museum, so you can’t park there (but you can drop things off). It might rain so dress accordingly. Park on the street nearby or the parking lot across the street from the museum. If you wish to bring your own stuff to sell, please feel free, but bring a table/blanket. If the weather is really bad we’ll just move everything into the library and/or the kitchen.

Dongles for vintage computing hobbyists – We’re stocked with useful items – see our current inventory here.

Event Volunteers – This is an easy one. If we could take turns docenting for a little while during the day that would be great. If it doesn’t rain too badly Saturday we’ll still have the normal museum traffic for Kennett Square September weekend. There is an art show down the street so there will be a lot of foot traffic around town. If you have an extra folding chair or two, please bring it. If you want to get lunch or dinner nearby – Where to get food.