Hobbyist Shop

Our Hobbyist Shop is stocked with rare and hard to find modern add-on hardware to enhance your vintage computing experience. You can try before you buy on real vintage computer systems right in our shop, or bring your own gear! It has never been easier to store files, connect to the internet and connect to other hobbyists than every before. Kennett Classic is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest products to offer to its customers. See also our Ebay Listings for more items.

Last Update 2/18/2023

ManufacturerProduct Name
Big Mess O WiresADB-USB Wombat
Noisy Disk
ADB Cable
Wombat / Wombat case
Floppy Emu
TTGOVGA32 (can be configured to suit)
GenericFlippy Drive Punches
Kennett ClassicWIFIModem
CommodoreSerial Drive Cables
PET to IEEE Cables
David GreelishHistorically Brewed
IBMLoose PS/2 keys
Retro InnovationsuIEC/SD DD
Zoom Floppy IEEE
HyperkinTrooper Joysticks (Atari / Commodore / Apple 8-pins)
Reactive MicroApple II 3.5 dsk contrl.
Univ. Pwr Suppl Iie/gs
RadioShack3.7V Rechargable Batteries
AdafruitPi Zero
Pi Zero cases
Pi Power Shim
Scroll pHAT
NOS Disk Holders3.5 and 5 1/4″
NOS Diskettes3.5″ 720K, 3.5″ 1.44Mb
(various manuf)5 1/4″ 360K, 5 1/4″ 1.2Mb, 8″ DSDS