Wilmington, DE PC Professional Users group (PCPUG)

Glenn Bleakney a founder and former president of Wilmington, DE PC Professional Users group (PCPUG)

About 10 years ago I picked up a small collection of 360K 5 1/4″ diskettes from a Wilmington, Delaware user group called PC-PUG. Exploring the content of the disks I surmised that PCPUG was active in the mid 1980’s and that they were an IBM and IBM-compatible personal computer user group that met locally, but that’s all I found. PCPUG was not referenced on the Internet, nor was there any names associated with the disks. I archived the disks and uploaded them to vintagecomputer.net, considering it a lost cause to find any more information about them. I was glad to at least have a portion of their archive for posterity.

Fast-forward to 2020. While working on the back office at Kennett Classic today, in walks a gentleman named Glann Bleakney who while browsing the shops of Kennett Square saw our “computer museum” sign and thought he’d peek in to see what was in there.

After browsing the exhibits I approached Glenn to say hello and ask him about his interest in vintage computing, and to see if he had any questions. From our conversation I learned he used to be the lead tech for both Wilmington locations of ComputerLand. Glenn also mentioned that he was one of the founder of a local user group called PC-PUG – the very user group whose files I had archived 10 years earlier. I mentioned that it was his lucky day and told him that I had his groups’ disk archive. I explained that archiving disks is part of what we do at Kennett Classic, in order to preserve computing history. What a coincidence! He was glad to know it was still available and happy that it survived.

Click Here to download files from the archive. Most of the files can be downloaded individually by using the breadcrumb navigation on vintagecomputer.net, but if you want to grab the entire archive download the ZIP file is available there.