January Vintage Computer Workshop

Hello World.
Setting up the work space

Pictured above is Alex Jacocks, Andy Diller, and Anthony Bolan. Alex spent the afternoon working on his CBM PET 8032 and 8050 dual drive system. Anthony is pictured with Andy before an SGI Itanium Workstation. In the lower corner is Eric Rangell with his Commodore VIC-20 and an 8-bit emulator.

Our Vintage Computers Repair and Hobby Meeting this past Saturday was attended by 16 people for an all-day vintage computing hack-a-thon. We had a great time. For our next event we’ll move into the “green room” so we have more space.

About an hour later this space and all 16 workstations were crammed with vintage computers and equipment. Not pictured here (sorry for the lack of photos) were projects such as Ryan Burke’s GRiD computers, Marco’s 5170 system, Bob Roswell’s Apple IIe, Bob Flanders’ breadboard PC project and many more. Paul Rickard showed up to set up a plotter station for his Atari system to use. I worked briefly on an IMSAI turnkey system which I will document in more detail asap. It has a non-functional Persci 277 dual drive.

After the session we all went to Grain for dinner.