The History of Vintage Computer Collecting

This book lists prices in 1993 US dollars.

In 1993 Thomas F. Haddock published his Collector’s Guide to Personal Computers and Pocket Calculators. First of all, I did not know there were any computer collectors in 1993, at least not enough to warrant a collector’s guide!

The book is organized in the typical price guide format. The sections consist of lists micro computers or calculators by category. Nearly all were available for retail store or mail order purchase. The values are not very high, but proportionally the pricing is in line with what we might see on Ebay today.

Haddock’s book pre-dates the Historically Brewed series published by David Greelish (see compilation cover below). Both are 1990’s publications that helped establish what today is a “vintage microcomputer”

“Collectible Microcomputers” by Michael Nadeau is slightly newer price guide from 2002. By 2000 had started hosting a “vintage computing” subcategory within Computers and Networking.