1st Annual Kennett Classic September 25-27 2020

On  September 25 (setup only), 26-27 2020 the first annual “Kennett Classic” weekend is scheduled and a GO; venue booked and implementation is under way.   This is also our one year opening day anniversary.

The centerpiece of the weekend will be a contest between teams of vintage computer hobbyists competing for the Kennett Classic Cup, an award to the team with the best network of vintage hardware based on up-time and connectivity.  There will be a substantial prize awarded to the winning team.  We’re really excited to share the details of this event, but stand by for now. In addition to the on-site teams, we will open the contest to any qualifying team worldwide.   This is a first-of-its-kind world-wide vintage computing networking event! 

We’re working on the registration pages now, and once they’re live we’ll share all of the details.  Think of the Kennett Classic Cup as a car rally for vintage computers.  We have many other activities planned, stay tuned.

We look forward to making this a huge success.