1982 Digital VT180 Z-80 CP/M Computer

VT180 “Robin” personal computer with Z-80 Processor. A dual 5 1/4″ disk drive sits on top.
Here is a view of the directory screen after booting CP/M from the RX 180 AB dual 5 1/4″ disk drive. Click image for larger view.

I am impressed by the sharp grey text on white background screen. This was DEC’s first “personal computer”, technically a VT100 with the Personal CP/M Computing Option Kit installed. The kit provides a Zilog Z-80 CPU, disk drive and extra serial port to the VT100. There may be some sort of graphic upgrade (?)

This particular machine was donated to Kennett Classic by Rebecca Landau and Robert Greenfield and will be on display at the museum. MicroMUMPS v 4.55, pascal, Z-80 assembly, and Microplan software was included, with utilities and other disks.