Vintage Media Archiving Services

Electronic and Print Media Archiving and Recovery

Do you have photos on an old hard drive that you’d like to use? Do you find that you need to reference a college paper saved to 5 1/4″ disk but no longer have the computer it was created on? Do you need to convert documents from an old word processing program into something current? For these any many other reasons we offer our vintage computer media archiving services.

When it comes to obsolete disk formats and operating systems, ancient media, and out of print software, we can restore and we can convert it! Bring us your ancient diskettes of any format (8 inch., 5 1/4 inch., and 3.5 inch), old hard drives, even papertapes and other storage media and we will recover it on site. We have hundreds of programs on file to read your disks and we have computers dedicated to archiving and recovery of ancient and odd format media.

We also have an extensive print library

We provide document scanning services if you need an electronic copy from any of the hundreds of manuals, magazines, and product brochures we have on site. We also provide custom stock footage for modern media use. Our printed media library focus is 1950’s – 1990’s computer and electronics books, full runs of magazines, mainframe and minicomputer product brochures, user guides, programming language references, hardware manuals, newspapers, selected articles and related.

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SDS 420 Computer with Persci twin 8″ diskette drives.