Calendar 2021

Hands-on Vintage Computing

Because of COVID-19 we have limited capacity, please RSVP early to ensure your place.

If you have a vintage computer (generally-speaking older than 1994) bring it, working or not. Anyone new to the hobby is welcome. We are happy to demonstrate the tips and tricks to vintage computing, software archiving, and hardware restoration. If you have a Commodore, Atari, Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM, Apple, Tandy, MITS, Ohio Scientific, Atari, IMSAI, Kaypro, GRiD…there is an endless list of manufacturers and we strive to support them all!

Bring your personal favorite to show it off or if you need help getting it running. All levels of experience welcome. If you plan to work it might help if you can bring a basic toolkit (screw drivers, wires/jumpers, volt meter, soldering iron, power strip, etc.).

Please check our contact page for special hours, off-site private events, shows, and presentations.

2021 Planning Meeting

  • 1/23/2021 11AM

1. Current Status

2. Volunteer Opportunities
– Restoration
– Exhibits and Curation
– A/V Room
– Document / File Archives
– Networking (modern and vintage)
– Docent / tours / presentations / classes / instruction

3. Event planning
– September 25 weekend annual event
– Project team event calendar
– Repair / Workshop calendar

UPDATE – The meeting will be entirely online this time, no on-site meeting. I will post a ZOOM link soon, stand by.

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Repair Your Altair 8800

MITS Altair 8800a
MITS Altair 8800a

When: Saturday February 6th 2021 11AM

What: We will be diagnosing a troubleshooting one of the earliest personal computers, the machine that launched Microsoft, the MITS Altair 8800 computer. The goal is to work through the electronics and attempt to load Microsoft BASIC. If you have a similar machine bring it along as we will have tools and parts for this era machine available.

The Digital DECMATE (VT-278)

Digital DECmate VT278 perched on an RX02 8″ disk drive pedistal

When: Saturday March 27 2021 11AM

What: The DECmate VT278 is a PDP 8 on a single CPU / RAM board installed in a VT-100 chassis. This machine does not boot from either of its 8″ RX02 disk drives so we will be disassembling the disk drive pedestal, removing the twin RX02 drives and attempting repairs. If you have similar equipment let me know. Learn more about this computer

PDP 8/e Core Memory

When: Saturday April 10th 2021 11AM

What: A memory fault exists in the first core memory board set. Lower memory is necessary to run diagnostics. To diagnose the memory fault we’ll remove the first and last Core RAM board sets (each core memory board requires two other support boards) from the backplane, and switch them. this is done by changing the memory address jumper wires on each board. Once we have enough RAM to run MAINDEC diagnostics we’ll test the migrated RAM to determine the cause of the fault so we can determine how to repair it.

The SDS 420

When: Saturday May 1st 2021 11AM

What: We will attempt to repair one of only two or three known SDS 420 computers. The SDS 420 computer is a 6502 CPU computer with Persci model 277 dual 8″ disk drives and proprietary operating system. The left-hand Persci model 277 disk drive will need to be tested for failed components as a first step in booting this system for the first time in almost 40 years.

The 2nd Annual Kennett Classic

1966 Honeywell DDP-516 Front Panel

When: Saturday September 25th, 2021 7AM – 11PM

LOCATION: The Garage 105 S. Union St. (Across the street from Kennett Classic museum)

  • Vintage Computer Hack-a-thon 7AM load-in (tables provided)
  • Classic Computer Show – Exhibits of working antique computers 12-5PM
  • Chiptune Music Show 7PM-11PM featuring Inverse Phase and others (stay tuned)
  • New audio museum tours

For more information contact us through the web site. I am working on a separate web page with complete event details.