Calendar 2022

If you have a vintage computer (generally-speaking older than 1994) bring it, working or not. Anyone new to the hobby is welcome. We are happy to demonstrate the tips and tricks to vintage computing, software archiving, and hardware restoration. If you have a Commodore, Atari, Digital Equipment Corporation, IBM, Apple, Tandy, MITS, Ohio Scientific, Atari, IMSAI, Kaypro, GRiD…there is an endless list of manufacturers and we strive to support them all!

Bring your personal favorite to show it off or if you need help getting it running. All levels of experience welcome. If you plan to work it might help if you can bring a basic toolkit (screw drivers, wires/jumpers, volt meter, soldering iron, power strip, etc.).

Please check our contact page for special hours, off-site private events, shows, and presentations.

Mid-Atlantic Computing History Talk

Sunday 3/27/2022 10:30
Did you know that our region, the Mid-Atlantic USA, is home to a rich history of computing and technology? From the ENIAC to the Commodore 64 there is a rich story to tell. Today we gave a presentation to the Men’s Club of the Newark Temple Beth EL Sunday 10:30 AM For those who did not get a chance to attend the presentation, contact us here so we can provide a link to the Zoom Session recorded by the group.

The 3rd Annual Kennett Classic

Saturday September 24th, 2022
LOCATION: The Garage 105 S. Union St. (Across the street from Kennett Classic museum)

Info Coming Soon